For repairs call customer service 877-GO4-ED18 (464-3318)


If the display does not turn on or flickers:

  •   • Check the connection to the battery.
  •   • Make sure the tester is fully charged by docking nightly.
  •   • Fully charge the battery and retest. The battery may be too weak to power the analyzer (below 1.0 volts).
  •   • The contrast may need to be adjusted in the Setup menu. Highlight the Display icon and press "Enter."
         Use the arrow keys to scroll the contrast value to 95%.
  •   • The ED-18 analyzer's internal batteries may need to be replaced. Contact your local Distributor.

Test Messages

System Noise/Check Loads: The analyzer has detected computer or ignition noise and will attempt to retest. Make sure all vehicle loads are off and the ignition is in the off position. The analyzer will automatically retest when it no longer detects system noise.

  •   • You may be testing too close to a noise source, e.g., a charger or other high-current device. If so, move away and retest.
  •   • If no noise source is identified, fully charge the battery and retest.
  •   • Disconnect the battery cables and retest.

Unstable Battery: A battery that is very weak or that has just been charged may retain excess electrical activity, which the analyzer has detected and adversely affects the test results. A fully charged battery should stabilize quickly, after which the analyzer will automatically retest. Weak batteries should be charged and retested.