Reporting by Time Frame

When the "Reports" function is accessed through the Main Menu of the ED-18, a detailed reporting of its use and recent test results can be easily obtained. This information can be broken out by one of the three following time frames:

  • 1. Current month
  • 2. Previous month
  • 3. Six month totals

Reporting by Test Result

This report shows the total number of tests, by result, within one of three time frames outlined above. As an example, you could use this feature to compare the number of tests in a given month with the total number of vehicles (car count) processed through the shop. This will tell you what percentage of vehicles is being tested, and, by extension, whether you are realizing the potential in terms of your overall battery preventive-maintenance program. Remember, the more you test, the more opportunities you'll have to improve your service by alerting customers of weak batteries before they fail.

Reporting by Technician

This information, which is available for the current, previous and six months gives you a breakdown of the number of tests performed by each technician. This shows you which technicians are (and are not) performing tests, enabling you to set up rewards and incentives for the technicians who are the most conscientious about performing preventive maintenance battery and electrical system tests.