enhanced Automative Line

The comprehensive Interstate Batteries® automotive portfolio matches our batteries' performance to how your customers drive and where they drive. With specific recommendations based on climate, vehicle, electrical loads and accessory plug-ins, you can give your customers the longest battery life possible.

Good performance - Powerfast Series batteries

Offer good performance and ample cranking power from Interstate.
• 18 month free-Replacement warranty

Experience classic Interstate power from a high electrolyte-to-lead ratio that resists extreme temperatures.
• 24-month free-replacement warranty
• 5 Year Performance Warranty

Best performance - Mega-Tron Plus batteries

With high-cranking performance for cold to moderate climates and Climate Shield TM for hotter conditions, Mega-Tron Plus has you covered no matter where you live.
• 30-month free-replacement warranty
• 6-year Performance Warranty

Premium performance - MT7 AGM batteries

Experience premium performance for power-hungry vehicles from this absorbed glass-mat battery with 99% pure lead.
• 48-month free-replacement warranty
• Pure MatrixTM power for luxury cars, SUVs and any high accessory load vehicle

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