Battery tests are your opportunity to build customer loyalty – whether the test results are good or replace.

Battery testing makes you their expert and trusted source for service. Customers want good news, and any time your battery tester prints good test results, you get to give it to them.

And if a test shows a weak battery, three out of four customers will replace it before the end of the week, if not the same day.

With every test receipt, you get to create an experience to bring customers back to your shop. So start today.

Which Tester Is Best for You?

Do you service more than 10 cars a day?

Want to know the average number of battery tests performed each week and month?

Want to utilize reporting data to set goals and increase profits?

Then we recommend ED-18.

Choose the Right Battery Tester For You:

Battery Tester Features Solar BA9 Midtronics IBT-125 DHC RT777 DHC BT2010 DHC BT2000 ED-18
Starting & Charging System Test X X X X X X
Battery State of Health Printouts   X X X X X
Customizable Dealer Location on Printout   X X X X X
Field Replaceable Cables     X X X X
Start ) Stop Testing       X X  
Transmission of Test Data Manual Automatic         Manual Automatic
Amp Clamp and Cable Voltage Drop (optimal)         X X
Temperature Sensor for Increased Accuracy         X X
Rechargeable Internal Batteries           X
Post Type Differentiation           X
VIN Scanner and Barcode Reader           X
Built-in Interstate Battery Application Guide           X
On Tool and Customized Reporting           X
Technician Specific Data Reporting           X
Promotion and Coupon Capable           X
Warranty 12 Months 12 Months 12 Months 12 Months 12 Months Lifetime (Cables included)