Battery Terms Booster Tips Charger FAQs

What are the primary features to look for when buying a booster?

  1. Safety:
  Reverse Polarity Protection–The booster should have a reverse polarity protection with an audible warning device for booster cables when connected to a vehicle’s battery.
  Off-On Switch for Power–The power switch is to prevent accidental arcing of the booster clamps prior to connection.

  2. Power:
  Cable Size–Booster cables should be a minimum 4-gauge or approximately the size of a vehicle’s on-board battery cable.

  3. Other:
  Battery Charging Indicator–The booster should illustrate when the internal battery is being recharged after use by an LED flashing charge indicator.
  Battery Status Indicator (LEDs)–A battery status indicator provides important information regarding the status of the internal battery and its readiness to provide power.
Green: 75-100% state-of-charge
Amber: 50-75% state-of-charge
Red: Below 50% state-of-charge
  Attachments–At times, a customer may need 12-volt power to operate external accessories. Look for a booster with a 12-volt attachment for external DC power availability.