Christmas started with the ultimate gift, Jesus Christ.


The I Am Second® book features celebrities and everyday people recounting the compelling stories of change in their lives because of God's Christmas gift.


In December, Interstate Batteries' Team Members, Dealers, Distributors and business partners received a free, paperback copy of I Am Second from Interstate Chairman Norm Miller.


Many have written in, thanking Norm and Interstate Batteries for the bold Christian gift. A few negative responses also arrived, which has given us the opportunity to explain that we shared this book because of its power to change people's lives.


Here are some of the most meaningful responses so far:

"We want to thank you for the book I Am Second and for having the conviction to send it," wrote Florida Dealers Dom and Clide Forte. "You are a role model for us, and we pray our business will someday be healthy enough to do something like this for our customers."


"Thank you for the book you sent us. It will be read and passed on. God bless you," owners Anna and Tom DeKeuster from Wisconsin wrote.


Dealer Vera Eichhorst from Linton Cycle in Indiana wrote, "I really enjoy the books you send at Christmas. They are a great touch."


Some longer messages identified with the book's message:

"I am astounded and very proud to sell your products to our customers," wrote Dealers Tim and Tami Huber from Tim's Auto Center in Avon, N.Y. "Thank you for being open and 'outing' yourself as a company honoring God."


"I want to really commend you and your chairman, Mr. Miller, for taking the stand that you did this Christmas season by sending out a book of life-changing events of people that turned to the one true God for help," Florida business partner David B. Royal wrote in his thank you note. "Can you imagine what our country would be like if all companies had the morals and values that you and Chick-fil-A have? This is an awesome company, and may you be blessed in all you do."


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